Activating Office Space is not that Easy and is most often poorly Executed

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Author: John Siciliano


Once a business decides on new office space, more often than not, the intended fit out requirement is almost forgotten prior to the search. Its not given the weighting it deserves and can lead to additional business & human resource costs.

Traditionally an office search is one based on staff numbers, without considering the forensics about overall future growth of the business, individual departmental needs or current fitout techniques to positively activate a workplace environment.

The overall aim is use the office space more efficiently, whilst at the same time facilitating greater communication within the workplace. A broad review of one’s spatial needs will then enable a better qualified search of the market and narrow down properties that best suit. 

Office space design & concepts should be undertaken prior to the lease documents being signed, this 4-6 week period is almost forgotten, but valuable.

With business shifting to a more open plan office environment, their comes a need for quiet ‘chill out’ rooms, group collaboration rooms, better equipped staff amenities areas. The fitout cost associated also differ greatly as there are so many options with regard to workstations; clusters or bench, size of offices, location of communal areas the list goes on.

Raine & Horne Commercial can assist you with assessing your spatial needs / office requirements prior to going to market, feel free to contact John Siciliano on 0411 861 538 for a no obligatory confidential discussion.

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