What’s Trending in Office Space Fitouts?

Wednesday 23 September 2015


With the majority of people's lives spent at work, it is essential to consider how you could improve your office space.

REINSW - the real estate industry body, set up for consumers and real estate agents, recently look at the top five trends that are changing the face of business, design and functionality for us today. 

  1. Flexibility with a Residential Vibe - open spaces, a relaxed atmosphere, bright colours are important.
  2. Greenery - Improves productivity as well as increased air quality, green leafy environments including natural light are striking a cord
  3. Standing Desks - better for your health and productivity. Studies show standing desks improve overall health and vitality. 
  4. Energy Efficiency - companies are now environmentally conscious and buildings need to live up to expectations when it comes to efficiency 
  5. The Pod - the need to have a little privacy is a priority, private rooms or quiet rooms now have morphed an added flexible style of area for some private relaxed time along.

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